Voting Is Not The Solution, You Are!.@McReensGalaxy

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Tomorrow! October 26, 2017! Round Two of Kenya’s Presidential Election 2017. Finally!  I guess it represents different things depending on whose being asked. And while everyone is Praying and Talking about Peace and Justice, I just wanted you to know that voting is only a temporary solution. You are the Ultimate Solution!

With the jitters that have infiltrated the Kenyan political, economic, and social divides – so much that Pope Francis had to specifically say a prayer for Kenya – I would want to be the last person who wastes your time on the Eve of the Rerun. Keep in mind voting is a right you are entitled to and the choice is yours whether to vote or not.

The world today is driven by what the customers want, and the political sector is not exempted from this golden rule either. You’ve all heard the banal slogan, “The customer is always right!” And so when the customers say:

Tuchagueni mtu wetu ndio atuletee ata sisi kipande cha mkate!’

That is exactly what the seller follows. In politics, customers are the citizens. Customers are you and me. Most politicians, who are the sellers, are only there to give the people what they want, not what they need. That is why if you listen keenly, most of the rallies especially on the county levels, are rife with shoddy speeches that have nothing to do with genuine leadership, growth, and development of the Kenyan People. Nothing but:

Ni wakati wetu sisi kama Wa<Insert Any of the 44 Tribes> kutawala. Na mimi nitahakikisha kwamba sisi Wa</Insert Any of the 44 Tribes> tumejulikana katika Jamhuri ya Kenya!”

And this is not about to stop any time soon unless you – YES YOU WHOSE READING THIS – start with change from the ground upwards.

I know you are probably thinking: “I’m just a Mama Mboga! I’m just the ordinary Mohaa selling mshikaki’s! I am just a C+ student in Form Two! I am just the bodaboda guy in a shanty village! I just wash toilets and mop the floor at Equity Bank Community Branch! What difference could I possibly make?” Well, what do you know? Today is your lucky day because you are just the person I am looking for. I have the solution with me if only you can subscribe to it. The solution is not only to vote. The solution is for you to:-

 “Start by Knowing Who You Are!” It’s a Question of Identity, Period!

Allow me to tell you WHO you are. You are an important person in this country. The country’s economy would not be the same without you. The country’s generation would have ended if you were not there to give birth to those lovely angels. The country’s name would have never advanced in the regional tournament if you were not the skilled basketball player that you are. Doctors would have no one to treat if you did not fall sick once in a while. The company would never have grown if you were not there to present a genuine auditor’s report. Best of all, that politician cannot get into that seat if you pass a vote of no confidence! So darn right you matter in this country called KENYA! And we can bring change together because together we are unstoppable. Here’s how.

In the words of Dwayne Carter, ‘Today I went shopping and guess what? Talk is Still Cheap!’ Quit the cheap talk. Your voice matters. Do not spend all day analyzing what the government has not done for you yet there’s nothing you are doing for the country. Do something for the country by living your life productively. It’s as simple as that. Can I tell you a sad truth? Most Kenyans will go back into a state of purposelessness immediately the political atmosphere cools down and the country resumes its normal operations. Why? Because politics is all they have been up to since 2016. Now they will sit down and wait for the next 5 years to do it all over again. (Something they wont do if you and I rise up today and be the change we need).

Here’s the thing, when someone comes hurling their political ideologies at you about what Jubilee has done or not done, about what Nasa will do or not do, stop them right there and ask them:-

“Forget Jubilee, Forget Nasa! What are you doing with your life that is helping bring the desperately needed change in Kenya? Because it all Starts with You!

Trust me, they will probably keep quiet and walk away. You, as little as your voice is or as worthless as you may think you are, have a sphere of influence i.e. people who listen to your opinion – be it your children, your mother, your wife, your employees, your mjengo friends, your fellow mama mbogas, or your colleagues and classmates. Use your voice in this little sphere of influence to help people uplift their own lives and with that, the whole nation will sooner than later be upstanding. You see, if we all are doing something in our own individual capacities, improving ourselves and the people around us, we won’t have time to keep up with the nasty political shenanigans. This is how change will come when we the citizens/consumers create one voice that focuses on us and not the politicians. Since they only give us what we want, not what we need, let us then merge the list of things we need and want into one and trust me they will conform if they know what’s good for their political careers. You know what they say… “The voice of the people is the voice of God.” No one can oppose these two voices and this was evident in the unprecedented events that took place in Kiambu County, and Igembe South Constituency.

I rest my case. Ladies and Gentlemen, the country has always been and still is in your hands for you to shape it and make it what you desire. I encourage you to keep your Mind Shining even though your Thoughts seem Dark concerning the current political situation  Remember it all starts with you building you and others around you. Gradually, our voice of change will be heard and before you know it, Kenya will Experience Transcendental Manifestation!

My songstress friend  Evie Vara says it all in her song. Go out there and Make #LoveNotWar

Evie Vara-Love Not War.@McReensGalaxy

It All Starts With You So Start Now Because You Matter! 


Kindly Share Your Thoughts and Views for they are Highly Appreciated. Don’t forget to Share this piece with your friends because Sharing is Caring!




  1. *Claps & Whistles* Wow! Friend, this is EXACTLY what we all need to read though we all know this deep down. For many decades we’ve been depending on the politicians to “save” us. Whether they do have the good intention to help or its really about power, the truth does not matter. We, the Kenyans, are the ones that hold the real power. We need to stop depending on others to help us when we can work together. Thanks for writing this beautiful piece!


    1. Most Welcome. I rarely touch on anything political, and this was not a political article either. I just needed to point out that the Question of Identity stretches far and wide even to national matters. Thank you for the read and appreciation!


  2. I must take time to actually appreciate the prose that is quite the Milky Way in your Galaxy. The open-mindedness, the truths and an ounce of Live and let Live. Great pieces you are crafting in this Galaxy.


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