So You Want a God Fearing Man, Huh!.@McReensGalaxy

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Ladies are very complicated in a simple way unlike men who are simple in a complicated way. Never mind the tongue twister. Not the point for today. One of the questions I like asking, and most ladies go into chatterbox mode at the sound of it is: “What kind of man would you want? What qualities do you look for in a man?”

And boy don’t they have a long checklist. Even if the day was all gloomy, ladies spring back to life and start hurling answers back with ease and vigor as though they had revised the previous night for this uncalled for exam. If I was an invigilator, I would be tempted to check the palm of their hands for any Mwakenya’s. I have heard a lot of answers. Some are obvious. Others are completely superficial. Some are extremely hilarious. And others are annoying.

Let me digress a bit. Ladies, please never give these kind of answers:

‘I don’t want a man who is a player, who comes home late or drunk, who keeps his exes’ contacts, who smiles at every girl who passes by, who does not listen to…” blah blah blah!

Stop it right there. No one asked you about the things you hate most in men. The question was, if I can clearly remember, ‘What kind of man would you want?’ Going around this verbose of your dislikes in men simply poses A Question of Identity and self-esteem. It means you do not know who you are otherwise you would know what you want. It paints a picture of you undergoing so many hurtful relationships with memories that give you jitters at the thought of having another man. Just like that, you estrange yourself from the world. No one wants a broken record full of paranoia anyway.

Now to the purpose of this conversation. The ladies who start with, ‘I want a man who is God-fearing…’ for some reason this makes me crackle my ribs. I know it seems like one of the best criterion for choosing the perfect guy but I somehow have the hunch ladies have no idea what they ask for. Especially those confused girls who yap the answer for the hella fun of it. Kudos to the God-fearing ladies who know what exactly they want. This section is not for you. But read it just in case you had missed the memo on what entails a God-fearing man.

When I say a God-fearing man, I literally mean one who has the fear of God in them. One who does not know about God, rather, one who knows God! There’s a difference FYI. Not the club-hopper on Friday and church-goer on Sunday. Am talking real fear of God. One who eats, drinks, sleeps, repeats, God. A God-fearing man hates the pride of life, detests arrogance, and despises anything and everything evil. Seems sweet in paper but as a lady, you must have enough grit to handle such a man. One, God is first place in his life. Two, he abides by God’s word, therefore he knows his jurisdiction and responsibilities as a man. Let me give you those two since they are enough to make you scatter if you did not know what you went in looking for.

Essentially, be ready to be second place in his life. Be ready to hear God after every 10 sentences of your dialogue. (Sounds like a reasonable interval. Wait till it starts getting on your last nerve!) Be ready to take your role as a woman. This sounds easy until the mention of the word ‘submissive’ ruins it all. With the ongoing rampage on women empowerment, submitting to men is becoming a mirage as days go by. So if you want to sit on the roof top and call all the shots, I suggest you avoid these ‘God-fearing men’ you so seek. For they will pin you down. And to spice it up, just be sure they will walk away if you jeopardize their relationship with God. Let me steal a secret for you ladies, God-fearing men are guarded by a community of brothers who constantly monitor their every move concerning their interactions with ‘sisters’ so as to avoid any unwarranted behaviors. So as soon as the brotherhood assesses you as the lady in his life and passes a vote of no-confidence, maybe based on your behavior, character, and how you carry yourself, you are out!

Quick question, are you ready to be under someone’s authority? Are you ready to be led? Are you ready to take up the mantle as the famous Proverbs 31 Woman? Although you are an attention-lover, are you ready to take second place in his priority list after God? Are you ready to have the guy do something completely against your will, without your consent, because he received personal instructions from God? Or even he involves you and you object his mission, he still goes on with it because it was from God?

So you still want a God-fearing man, Huh! Before you claim one, chew on that food for thought. Especially if you do not understand what God-fearing means. That quality you shout so vehemently might just be the cannon on your head.

Nothing to alarm you ladies. God is for us all. Therefore, you too can decide to fear God. The choice is yours! Choose to level the playing field and you will be astonished at the beautiful plan God has for you and that man. He will make your Mind Shine Bright Even if your Thoughts have been Dark concerning The Men in Today’s Society. Ladies, Fear God First and you will Experience Transcendental Manifestation!



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