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How do you do today? Let’s kick straight to the point, shall we? Quick Question, what’s your contingency plan? In layman’s language, what’s your plan B? The question is rhetorical from my side but is a must answer on your side. So don’t answer me. Just answer you. Here’s why you need a plan B.

We live in a dynamic world where change is the permanent and inevitable thing. It’s described as a VUCA world. Let me educate you on that VUCA thing, don’t freak out yet. Kama teaching is a calling naja impromptuCollo Majale. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. Simply put, you are living in a world that can take a sharp turn any time without prior warning, One that is completely unpredictable, A super complicated world that demands lots of calculations before making any decisions. It is a world that will only offer an overview, more like a trailer of the series you are about to watch, only to give you a rude shock after the first five minutes of Episode One. You think it’s a game? Oh, you think I’m bluffing? Okay, tell me this…

  • Who would have thought Donald Trump would win the U.S. Presidential Elections?



  •  A while ago, working in a bank was the coolest thing in town. Remember the best retort for someone who’d borrow money from you? “Ey Boss! Uliskia nafanya kazi bank nini?” Yet right now hundreds of bankers and tellers have lost their ‘cool jobs’ over Digital Migration? Didn’t see that one coming, did you?



I could go on and on.

Let me narrow down to your individual life using real life examples. Who would have thought you would be expelled from school? Who would have thought that governor who used to give you all the County tenders would fail to be re-elected despite all the odds being in his favor? Who could imagine that your boss would fire you abruptly without notifying you in advance? Who would have thought your loving boyfriend would have walked out of that relationship soon as the pregnancy kit affirmed ‘Positive’? Who in their slightest imagination would have imagined that a new competitor would drive your business out of business?

You get the point don’t you?

Now that your road to destiny might just not be the smoothie you thought you’d guzzle, what’s your contingency plan? Many individuals and organizations crush down and suffer irreparable damage due to lack of a plan B. Plan B answers this question:- ‘Now that X,Y,Z, happened unexpectedly, what do I do?

My Best Friend’s Best Question: “Mr. We Have Lost It All! WHAT NEXT?”

We usually drown when we fail to quickly come up with an answer to this question. My advice? Have a default plan B that can be used as a template, fitting into all situations. Let me give you a default contingency plan that works in all scenarios. Write it down. It goes like this:-

“I am knocked down but am not out. No matter how far struck I am, I will get up and bounce back. Like the truth crushed to earth, I will rise again!”

 Keep in mind, a plan B comes to pull you out of an uncalled for situation that would otherwise leave you swimming in the mud. Remember,  this approach is not to push you into worrying about everything or losing faith in the endless possibilities of your dreams. It is just a realistic approach that acknowledges that things in this world will not always go as planned. I mean would you have imagined in your wildest dreams that Kenya would have been stuck in a political dilemma for the whole 2017, dragging slow the economy with it? You see where I am coming from with this? Yes. 

I know some are of the school of thought that making plan B is believing that Plan A will fail.  But trust me, you don’t need to live for a century before you realize that the world can thwart your plans any time with no apologies. Instead of sticking rigidly to Plan ‘A’, simply Let Your Mind Shine new light on a Plan B even when Your Thoughts on the Plan ‘A’ go Dark. Make B the new plan ‘A’ and run with it and if it dare fails, create a new Plan B till you get what you want in life. Let those Plan B’s help you Experience Transcendental Manifestation!


Kindly Share Your Thoughts and Views for they are Highly Appreciated. Don’t forget to Share this piece with your friends because Sharing is Caring!


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