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Whoa! Crazy headline right there, huh? We are all used to the obvious truth that ‘The Big Man in The Sky’ who watches over us neither sleeps nor slumbers and here goes someone saying He’s asleep. Well, you read that right. God is asleep. Hear me out first before you overreact.

Let me refresh your memory. Creation Story. We all know how it went down in 6 days. Essentially, God created the heavens and the earth and the living creatures both plants and animals and man and woman – ALL IN 6 DAYS – then rested on the 7th. For those of you who need in-depth details, check out the full Creation Story here. Funny thing, we are never told anything about God getting back from His Rest…Interesting.

Now before you blow your fuses in anger while perusing deep into your Bible just to prove me wrong, relax! This is just a humorous way of me bringing out the point I intend to drive across. It’s not that serious. Kindly take a cold bucket of water and splash it through your nostrils in case you had started breathing fire. Don’t worry, I’ll wait… 🙂 Now that you are cool, kindly walk with me if you may.

This is how my crazy mentality sounds. It should pretty much have some sense if you think about it. God is Asleep. God is still at Rest. God finished his vocation in six days and went on his vacation on the 7th Day. He has never resumed office ever since. However, the world is still moving on perfectly fine even though He is out there relaxing in one huge sandy heavenly beach with a wine glass the size of the Pacific Ocean, full of margarita and a lemon as small as the crescent moon on the brim of His glass. Once in a while He chooses not to refill His citrus juice, and so He struggles to clear everything at the bottom of the glass. The drinking straw noises reaches the earth in the sound of thunder. I know, crazy right? Amazing how His holidays still affect us forcing us to set apart some holy days just to ensure we are in good books with the author of the Good Book. Waiters… if you would be so kind, please do your job and refill our Father’s drink!

God is the wisest oldest biggest Man. So in His immeasurable wisdom, He created an incorruptible system that has been working diligently without fail everyday ever since the 6th day of Creation, long before we humans could achieve the 24 hour economy. In this system, He set out principles that rule the universe automatically without the need for an active controller at the cockpit. In short, God went ‘autopilot mode’ on us. And like our own systems, God’s System operates on GIGO. Again, it’s not computer science. It simply means Garbage in Garbage out (GIGO). This is to say that there is an already set result that is bound to follow any action made in God’s system based on His principles. What do I mean? Okay. Let me further illustrate this whole bunch of crazy. I will use two principles. One, concerning Giving. And two, concerning Promotion.

You have obviously heard the slogan ‘It is in giving that we receive’! Well, that is one of God’s most important principles. No matter how poor you are when it comes to Bible verses, if you are a cheerful giver you always find yourself receiving. Conversely, even if you sleep in church at the altar, but always find it hard to stretch out your hands to give, chances are you never really progress that much because you also rarely receive. Sad right? But yes it’s a Godly principle. Why do you think these rich folks always start foundations to help the less fortunate in the society? The Oprah Winfrey Foundation. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Trey Songz’ Angels with Heart Foundation. Myles & Ruth Munroe Foundation. You get it? Makes you understand why companies must be involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where they give back to the society.

Let’s tackle the second one. Promotion! God’s principle is simple:- Humility comes before Honor and Pride comes before a Fall. In fact, God set a system that always opposes the proud and exalts the humble. This one is totally universal and is no respecter of persons. I don’t even need to give examples. You have all been near someone who felt like they were this untouchable hotcake from the oven, looking down on everyone until they tripped and fell to the bottom of the freezer where life turned them into a pillar of ice. From this principle, the sweet saying came: “Buda, Nyenyekea Mungu akutumie vizuri!”

Here’s the thing. There are so many principles that God set before He went lying at the beach, before He fell asleep. And these principles are effective on any human being whether you know God or only hear about Him. Whether you think He’s alive or dead. Whether you are black, white, Hispanic, Kisii, Nyamwezi, Zulu, tall, brown, girl, man, slave, boss, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Atheist…it don’t matter. They do not discriminate. They work on all the Seven Billion people in the world. I think I will develop a list of these principles and publish them in a future article.

In the meantime, I wish to hear from you. Do you think this is all crazy or do you find some sense to it? Share your thoughts and help my Mind Shine for who knows? My Thoughts might just be a little bit Dark. Remember, we are here to help each other Experience Transcendental Manifestation.


Kindly Share Your Thoughts and Views for they are Highly Appreciated. Don’t forget to Share this piece with your friends because Sharing is Caring!


8 thoughts on “GOD IS ASLEEP!

  1. It isn’t crazy. It’s true. We’ve all been raised to believe God expects us to always be a certain way & if we go against that, we’re doomed. Truth is, He wants us all to be happy, so there are a few laws of the Universe we apply in our lives. Ones that help us fulfill our true purpose : To be happy. It’s as simple as that but we beings tend to over complicate things lol.


    1. Hey, Cafe! Am glad we are like-minded. Now that’s more like it. Life is simple and straightforward but people complicate things with traditions, definitions, labels. The point is, joy, peace, and fulfillment. God desires we Enter His Rest. Period! Thank You 🙂

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  2. God is resting! Quite a statement. True or not it’s another way to be closer to our creator through venturing into our own perception about him. Also, forever is quite a long time, am glad I get to read your words and share in your thoughts. Insightful, is your piece.


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