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You are at home. It’s Christmas Eve. No one seems to have a plan. You ask of your parents’ opinion concerning the way forward and they are speechless. You stand up and make your way to the kitchen. You swing open the door of the fridge. The compartments are literally empty. Nothing but frozen ice. The whole refrigerator looks like a deserted tundra. You shake your head in utter disappointment. You go back to the living room and seat down at the far corner of the three-sitter sofa. You look at each other in confusion, shaking your heads pitifully. With no plausible applicable solution, you go to bed hungry.

KNOCK KNOCK! It’s Christmas Morning. You are shaken from the deep slumber by the loud bang on the door. You gather yourself to get up and your sister’s quick little steps can be heard running to escort you. As soon as you swing the doors open, your eyes meet the unexpected.

Boxes of Chicken! Packed Foods of all kinds labelled KFC. The sweet aroma of chicken and fries fills the whole room. An accompaniment of 2 liter bottles of Coke and Sprite can be seen alongside this mouthwatering delicacies. The situation cannot be understood but long before you contemplate everything, your best friend walks in carrying huge bags of shopping.

I hope this is not too small for Christmas. It’s the least I could do knowing your family’s current situation!” a voice interrupts your trail of thoughts. “Oh, good morning by the way.” Unbelievable! Your best friend stands right before your very eyes with this unfathomable kind gesture, simply because you had mentioned your family’s broke status the previous day as a by the way. You cannot help but stare. Your parents walk into the living room from their bedroom only to help you marvel.  Everyone is in a mixed state of ambivalent feelings, except your baby sister who’s all over thinking it was all your plan. Who is this friend?

Relax, my dear parents! He clears things up. “My friend here told me about your situation yesterday and I thought to myself, why not share Christmas with you yet I have more than enough for myself? So I cancelled everything and brought us food so that we can share this day. Hope you don’t mind!”

You are lost for words but your parents quickly answer: “No, ITS OKAY. We are more than grateful.” When you finally find your tongue, you and your family waste time thanking him for a whole hour. You cannot stop talking about his kindness and how he will be blessed. He is of course modest and just happy that you are happy.

Along the conversation, your parents introduce family stories that the visiting friend cannot understand. Family traditions perhaps. You quickly join in and you all get so lost in your own talk. You laugh and have a good time while he sits watching you. And the worst part is, you do not allow him to talk. You don’t stop to ask him: “What about your family? How’s your story compared to ours?” NOP! You simply do you as a family, and he is left as the Quiet Guy at the Dinner Table.

Surprisingly, when its evening and he’s about to go, after feeling an outcast and out of place, it dawns on you as a family that you do not have food for tomorrow or the days to come. Tomorrow’s Boxing Day. Next week the New Year starts. It’s like you wake up to the realization that you will still need food. Without the slightest hint of shame, you turn to him and begin to sweet talk him, asking if he could spend the night and if he could find you some more supplies in the morning. Yet all day long, he has been ignored, shut out, and treated inconsiderately. Wow! Unbelievable right? As the visitor what would you have done?

You and I have been that shameless at least once in our lifetime. God is the Quiet Guy at the Dinner Table. He comes to our rescue when we are completely hopeless with no one to turn to. He meets all our needs with blessings abounding. We thank Him and obsess over His story for a short while. Then, we get back to our normal lives as if He meant nothing completely. And then, when we realize we do not have supplies, and that our needs are back, we shamelessly run back to Him in tears. Wow, so ungrateful!

If God’s all that we need, if at some point in life we will inevitably realize that we cannot make it without Him…How about we just put Him first place? How about we just make Him the center of our lives instead of waiting for desperate times to call out to Him in a rush? Good people, let’s demote God from being the Quiet Guy at the dinner table who is only addressed when there’s need for provision. God’s not our supermarket. God’s our life, our entire being. But most of all, He’s our Father. So hey, allow the Quiet Guy at your dinner table to start contributing to other matters in your life and Your Mind will always Shine even when Your Thoughts concerning life’s challenges seem Dark. Let’s just say you will forever Experience Transcendental Manifestation if you always dine with Him, at the center of it all!

So Question, will you allow the Quiet Guy at Your Dinner Table to finally start Speaking? Will you lend Him a listening ear? Chew on that food for thought.



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  1. Wow! This is a beautiful lesson. It’s very true that we do not remember God once we get what we want. Practicing gratitude every day should become a necessary part of our lives so He will always be in our minds.


  2. So true and am ashamed to admit that, am guilty of this, most are the times I cry out to God when am really in need of supplies, but when things are running smoothly I forget that He even exists. Lord help us to always remember that we are nothing without You.


    1. Hey, you are not alone. So many of us fall in this trap. But the best thing to do is wake every morning determined to cultivate a grateful heart. Practice will not only make perfect, but permanent. Thanks for stopping by LusiMwenja. Baraka! 🙂


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