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“The One who knows HOW will always HAVE the Job. The One who knows WHY will always OWN the Job.” Whoa! Now that’s mind-boggling. Quite frankly, it is quite frightening if you think about it. You know why? Because schools have been teaching us HOW to do things. You know, how to balance accounts, how to market, how to program, how to cook, how to knit, how to farm… the endless list. Explains why so many of us are employees not employers. Ouch!

Rarely are we taught WHY. And it’s because WHY is as a result of education not school. I know what you’re thinking and yes, there’s a difference between school and education. You see, we’ve had it all wrong when it comes to definitions. They say education is the key but we cannot seem to find the doors to unlock. They were not wrong though. Education is truly the key. It’s just that we have heard the definition all twisted. Albert Einstein’s definition nailed it:-

“Education Is Not the Learning of Facts, But the Training of the Mind to Think”

Simply put, School teaches you HOW while Education teaches you WHY. Ever had the statement ‘C Students end up hiring A Students’? Personally, I have met one of my desk mates from primary school, who would literally copy everything from my answer sheet including my name. Yes, he was quite the dunce. Recently, when we met, he was driving an Audi Q7 while I was driving my Footsubishi. 😌 And you wonder why Juliani said:

Result Slip Hai determine Pay Slip

Robert Kiyosaki says:-

Intelligent people always have more intelligent people working for them.”

Here’s the thing. We are always victims of the wrong questions. Most of us seek answers to HOW and WHAT. Yet these are the least important questions in life. ‘How much do they pay?’ ‘What will I study to get the highest paying job?’ Keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with these questions. It’s just that we have them wrongly prioritized. A Successful person’s mentality sounds something like this:-

  1. Why am I building my company/marriage/family/friendship?
  2. Who do I need to achieve the above goal?
  3. Where do I get the knowledge to manage everything in this goal?

And then from these 3 questions, the How and What usually follow through with minimal struggle. Say you want to start an Advertising Agency. Forget how and what you need to run the organization. Just answer WHY, WHO, and WHERE. Period!

  1. “I want to start an Ads Agency that will tackle the adverts for huge companies that need to outsource.” That’s The WHY!
  2. “I Will Need Financial Managers, Graphic Designers, IT Technicians, Salespersons, Research Specialists, Accountants, and PR Officers.” That’s The WHO!
  3. The market is flooded with too many professionals and too much information Every WHERE! Just Google. DUH! 😏 

Then WHAT they do and HOW they do it is honestly “None-Ya” Business!

Final Food for Thought:-

“Educated people are not those who know everything, but rather those who know where to find, at a moment’s notice, the information they desire!”

So, have you been asking the right questions? Not too late if you haven’t been. You can fix the above into any area of your life. Just know WHY you want to do something, find WHO will walk with you, and WHERE you can find the required knowledge. Just like that, Your Mind starts Shining Brighter than the How’s and What’s that have made your Thoughts Seem Dark all this while.

So go ahead, Experience Transcendental Manifestation.

Happy Holidays!



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  1. I like reading your posts, especially when I feel I’m losing confidence in myself. Thank you for being so inspiring! I really liked this post & feel alot of the younger people would need this one more. Especially high school graduates. Keep up the good job!
    PS: I nominated you for the Leibster award, visit my page & see my post on the same 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, don’t get an old man teary right now. 😢 I am so not crying. At least not today. Thank you for finding my work inspirational. You have no idea what that means to me. (Technically you do, because you are an awesome writer yourself, not the point though! 😌) I really appreciate you. About the Leibster Award, I saw it first on your blog and since we are newbies in these award things, lets just jump on the bandwagon shall we? 😎


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