Get Yourself a Carbon Monoxide Detector.@McReensGalaxy

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Hey, No Chemistry here. Simple analogy. A bunch of excuses coupled together form the Carbon Monoxide you Breathe. And you know what carbon monoxide does? It gives you a slow and painless death one that wakes you up at your funeral when the casket is being lowered. ~ Too Late!

When giving excuses, they sound so beautiful in your ears but not on the ears of your listeners. Everyone around you can tell, beyond any reasonable doubt that you are making excuses. Problem is, while excuses flow smoothly as oxygen does through your nostrils, they still are the lethal, toxic, gases that stifle you without causing a scene.

For those who don’t know, carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is emitted when there is incomplete combustion of carbon elements. In the same way, excuses are odorless, colorless, lame, reasons that we give when we feel incapacitated to handle a task, confront a person, fight for our rights, and most of all, they are used when we feel reluctant to pursue our dreams. Their emission is slow just as carbon monoxide from a burning jiko and before long, your whole mind is filled with excuses, the carbon monoxide that causes the subtle death of your dreams. My friend, if you are living in excuses, though clueless, you are slowly dying.

What I discovered is, if you are inside a room full of carbon monoxide, you will not notice because it gets to a point it smells like oxygen. However, when someone walks in from the external environment, they will immediately tell you that the room is stuffy, the air circulation is not free, and the air is dense. Without question, they will open the windows and at that time you will realize, upon inhaling fresh air from outside, that you have been breathing in the morbid gas.

You do have an idea where am headed with this right? Okay, let’s say it anyway. The only way to know if you are living in excuses is to let someone walk into your life. Since they are from the outside world, they can easily detect if your little cocoon of life is stuffy. I call these kind of people ‘Excuse Busters!’ They merely exist to bust your excuses! These are the guys who shut you up verbally when you begin saying stuff like:-

The only reason I did that was because…

I don’t know if I can make it because…

I promise, I will start next year since this year is almost…

Shut up and Get Yourself A Carbon Monoxide Detector! In other words, find an Excuse Buster! Have that special friend who can ask you hard questions. That one person who can tell the harsh truth to your face, without fear or favor. That person who will tell you that you have been idling, rude, irresponsible, or stupid without being intimidated or caring about the consequences of your reaction.  Just as a carbon monoxide detector goes off in toxic atmospheres, so does an excuse buster in the presence of your little or gigantic excuses.

Just so now you know, It won’t be easy, but if you are willing to be hurt by the truth today, you will escape the immeasurable pain of guilt and regret tomorrow. Let that excuse buster free you from the carbon monoxide that makes your Thoughts seem Dark when Your Mind ought to Shine Bright! Believe me, you will Experience Transcendental Manifestation!



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  1. Ugh I used to be so guilty of this. Making up all kinds of excuses for why I couldn’t do what I wanted. I was only hurting myself especially when time was passing me by. You have to be really brutally honest with yourself & face the tough question of “why not you?”
    GREAT post as always, friend. A good reminder for all.

    Liked by 1 person

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